Friday, August 3, 2012

New Room

I started off my day decorating a cake for my neighbor and ended up getting to see my new classroom!

Here is the cake:

And here is what my classroom looks like:

The room has a smart board, tv with VCR/DVD player, 2 white boards, 1 large bulletin board (it's above the buckets in the first picture), and 1 tiny bulletin board (it's behind the teacher desk in the bottom picture. I also have 5 tables that I can use for the different centers/stations I want to set up.

So good news is that I got into my room early, bad news is that I got my schedule for the year. I will be teaching all three grade levels, but my classes will not all be the same length. The two 8th grade classes will both be about 50 minutes. I will get one 7th grade class for 45 minutes and the other one for only 10 minutes. For 6th grade, one I will have for 30 minutes the other one will be only 20 minutes. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any suggestions for how to plan when the classes don't have the same amount of time with me?

Have a happy weekend!


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