Thursday, July 4, 2013

My first Tpt product

I just uploaded my first Teachers pay teachers product! Sorry, I'm a little excited about it. The scary part is that I started it over Winter Break and just finished it during Summer Break while I am at the beach.

The product is a set of 32 noun task cards and a noun poster. I got the idea of using task cards from my neighbor, Andrea, when I told her there was a rumor that my school was going to go from unlimited copies for teachers to a set number of copies each month. Well it happened. Each teacher now only gets 1500 copies a month and I teach roughly 160 students a day. All of that adds up to not being able to do a ton of worksheets. Andrea suggested that I look into task cards, so I did look. Most of the ones I found were way to easy for my middle school students, but I loved the idea of being able to print them on card-stock and laminate them to use over and over. So in the end, Andrea showed me how to create my own. I can't wait to do more.

Here is the link to my first item.  And a preview of the title card and noun poster. And now I'm off to make the next set. Hopefully this will help me to decrease the amount of copies I make and I hope my students like them better than worksheets!

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  1. I use Task Cards all of the time . My students really enjoy using them. Congrats on your first TPT product.... Is their a tutorial? I would love to eventually make my own products and share like other bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.