Friday, July 19, 2013

Parent Contact

Yesterday my assistant principal posted this to his Facebook page and after reading the article it got my creative juices flowing. 


One of my parents biggest complaints is that they don't know when assignments are due or when there is a test. Number 3 in this wonderful list of tips is Remind 101. It is an app that allows the teacher to text parents and students without having to know their phone numbers or divulge your own number. How awesome is that? How did all this yet my creativity flowing? It means I need a new contact log to use this school year.

At my school we are occasionally asked to turn in our parent contact logs. I used one last year that one of my assistant principals loved because it had a spot to write down why I had made contact with the parent or guardian. I didn't like it for several reasons. One, it was in landscape and I wanted it in portrait layout. Second, it had a very elementary cover page and I teach middle school. And third, I wanted different contact types than the ones listed. So in the end, I created my own to use for the upcoming school year.

You can go to my Teacher Pay Teachers Store to download this contact log for free.

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